Systems Architecture

System Architecture goes beyond the evaluation and outlining of 'en vogue' technology and off the shelf products. It is characterized by business strategy, targeted specifically to deliver a value-adding operational system. A system that arrives in time to fulfil business needs and satisfies the ever-changing requirements demanded to offer new products and services to your customers. With Engentis your teaming up with seasoned professionals who understand your business needs and can work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Distributed Systems

In an area already known for impractical visions and failed initiatives, our approach is a practical one: We rapidly design and implement enterprise architectures that are reliable and ready for future iteration. We focus on component-based development that emphasizes reuse and measurement supported by frameworks and patterns and your corporate design guidelines. Our services reach across all tiers from clients through web- and application servers back to database systems.

Security Solutions

The Internet opens up a new world of business opportunities but it also introduces a multitude of new risks. Now, your IT infrastructure is vulnerable not only to inside threats, but also to security breaches posed by trading partners, customers and suppliers. We offer a range of security services designed to protect your network and the data that's on it, without restricting your business growth. We have introduced industry-leading concepts in areas such as authentication, infrastructure and data protection, as well as administration guidelines as part of a solution handover.

Technical Procedure Development

Technical procedure development is a pre-requisite for cost effective and person neutral IT operations. It requires deep understanding of IT related services and processes with the objective to design, document and implement effective operational procedures. If keeping service levels and systems availability is crucial for you business then let us know.

Application Design and Implementation

This service includes developing the architecture, designing, building and integrating systems that may be part of an existing platform or be built as a totally custom and sector-specific solution. No matter what business you are in, we implement solutions that transform a complete range of enterprise processes. We are able to combine the best of emerging technologies with the still-valuable components of existing legacy systems. Making use of most advanced development tools and technologies our experts can help you find the data models and application architectures that best fit your business rules.