Having extensive project management experience with large clients and leading global corporations, we have come to understand that your projects bringing together Knowledge, resources, skills, technologies and ideas to deliver business benefits and achieve desired results. As project managers, we understand the needs to manage the scope, risks associated with a project, business benefits/value, work schedule, project teams, stakeholders, Delivery. We also understand that effective project management requires the achievement of desired results within time, budget, and level of quality.

We use some of the best programme and project management methodologies, such as PwC Consulting award winning PPM (Programme and Project Management) methodology, PRINCE2, Crystal, and Goal-directed project management. A Programme is a strategic directive or imperative comprising of a group of related projects.

Change Management, Project Management

We can help with leadership, communication, and culture to make your changes successful. Your projects with a complex or aggressive implementation schedule will benefit from having experienced project managers develop, administer, and control the change process. Our project managers are tactical and strategic implementation planners who assist you in meeting essential objectives during the entire project lifecycle.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Transform corporate data into information. Starting with the assessment of your corporate information requirements, going through design and transformation phases until the final handover, we cover the complete lifecycle of your information system project. Are you interested in customer activity and sales trends? Would you like to see how profitable your clients are, and how teams and employees perform? Then let us know.

Cost Management

We can help you to identify all the cost points in your organization, and transform the cost model that supports your cost attribution rules into an indispensable reporting solution. Let us help you monitor your actual costs and eliminate waste.

IT Strategy Services

Whether you let us define strategies that map precisely to your business objectives or let us identify strong opportunities for profitable returns. We can help your organization set direction and line out solutions that maximize enterprise performance and business opportunities. We help you to identify and shape these business opportunities, develop a business case, formulate and implement your IT strategy.

Business Process Architecture

Assess and define workflows that model your business' core processes like ordering, order fulfilment, quality assurance, repair, etc. Note that these processes are modelled independent of applications and technologies. The proper definition of business processes is an indispensable component of any e-Business or Supply Chain Management Project.